We have the know-how to deliver these key services and the strong infra-structure to administer and execute this labor intensive work in an efficient manner. We are experts at recruiting, training, and maintaining an experienced workforce: we focus on full engagement with our employees and pro-active support and supervision.

Luxury High Rise Condos

Life Style Enhancement Agents to serve the needs of your residents.
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Hospitality Industry Standards on Appearance, First Impressions, Customer Service.
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Corporate Office Building

Professional Lobby Help Desk and Security Presence.
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Auto Dealerships

Meet and Greet Customers, Support Service Advisors, and keep the Service Drive flowing.
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Access Control & Installation

Key Pads, Camera and Alarm Installation and Monitoring.
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Security and monitoring

Ensure Facility is provided high quality security.
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The TX Concierge Advantages

Over 20+ years of Experience in Concierge, Valet, and Property Security and Monitoring Services

Personnel Screened for Criminal Background, Driving Records, Drug Test, Professional References

Conduct Classroom Training and Field Orientation Specific for each Property Style and Image

Handle all Operational Expenses, Employees’ Wages, O/T, Payroll Taxes and Liability Insurance

Services Available Twenty-Four (24) hours a Day, Seven (7) days a Week, Including Holidays

Temp Staff Available to Cover Call-outs, Sick Days or Vacations of Your In-House Staff as Needed

Administrative Services Include Building Management Assistance, Office Support

Special Parking Events Planning and Logistics Services Expertise

Roving Field Management Supervisors Available 24/7 at No Additional Cost


TX Concierge is Texas born and raised!  It is a State of mind and a land of opportunity. Our pursuit of success lies in our constant search for finding practical solutions for our customers. We never miss a chance to do the work better and in the most cost-effective way.

It is a condition born out of the belief of two brothers Danny and Eddie, who immigrated to the USA, in search of the American Dream!

This experience of hard work and second chances has become a hallmark that defines our organization’s culture of readiness to give our employees a chance to learn discipline and develop professionally:


whether they are in it for the short term on their way to attaining higher education, or have grown within the company ranks to manage and mentor bright eyed young dreamers, Danny and Eddie have been cheer-leading along the way while providing service excellence. In fact, if you walk the hallways of our offices, you are bound to see a few Ph.D.’s and M.S.’s on the wall

We are very proud of the success of our past and present employees. After all, they are the reason behind our success!

Our Clients

Custom Solutions


We don’t sleep,
so you can


Years in Business


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


"My husband and I have returned to our Condo after having moved away. The front desk personnel had big impact on our desire to return to what feels like home.
When I have a question or need help I am comforted to know that I am but an elevator ride or phone call away from the answers.
When I have guests coming over, I know that their first impression begins as they enter the doors to the lobby. This is the initial introduction and welcome to our apartment. I am always proud and certain that they will be greeted with professionalism and a smile."

Pam & Bob H

"I didn’t receive a survey but wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the service. The regular guys are wonderful. Bassam, Pedro, Juan and Jose are the best! They are so polite and friendly. Always recognize us and call us by name. When I have my grandkids, they help me get them in and out of the car. If one of them is not there for a day, I miss them!"

Pat H. Unit 502

"How can you better serve us?
You can’t! Our current team can not be improved upon. We love them and hope to enjoy their service for a long time. They are always professional, very hard working, honest, efficient, and friendly. They are like family."

Chenza & Ron L. Tower Residences

" About a month ago, I crashed my car in the garage. Ruben was just getting off his shift and Robert was just arriving for his. Ruben was incredibly kind and made sure I was doing okay. Robert, worked with me for hours to take care of the situation while simultaneously training a new staff member and handling numerous requests from other residents on a Saturday afternoon. Robert first made sure that I was okay which is something I really needed. He called the other residents to clear the other cars, spoke with the buildings team about the property damage and what would need to be done to get my car out, and helped me pull my car off of the fencing in the garage which was no easy task. For the weeks after he continued to check in and assured me that Skyhouse could still feel like home even when I crash into their building.
Thank you to the Skyhouse team for everything they do to make this the best place to live in all of Dallas!!

Sincerely, Emily B.

Team Members

Radwan Eljindi

Radwan Eljindi

    Jon Lacy

    Jon Lacy

    Operations Manager
      Larry Railsback

      Larry Railsback

      Operations and Logistics
        Jerry Lacy

        Jerry Lacy

        GM, TX Concierge Security
          Bud Angwin

          Bud Angwin

          Dir. of Operations, TX Concierge Security


            Office Administration




                Personnel & Staff Support


                  Quality Control

                    Join US

                    We are your stepping stone to a brighter future. We believe that in order to deliver the best product, you deserve to have the best tools and learn how to use them. We train you for success!

                    If you like to be around people and enjoy putting a smile on the faces you meet, this is for you!

                    We offer full-time and part-time Front Desk, Valet, and Security positions: whether you are in it for the short term on your way to attaining higher learning, or looking for a home to build and grow your future, we’d love to talk to you.


                    Please review the prequalification conditions:

                    • Pass criminal background check and drug tests.
                    • Have a valid Texas driver’s license and a clean driving record -no more than 2 moving violations per year, or 3 total violations in the past 3 years- (Valet Applicant).
                    • Must be able to drive manual transmission vehicles (Valet Applicant).
                    • High school diploma or equivalent.
                    • Pleasant, positive and professional demeanor.
                    • Able to walk, run or stand for up to 8 hours at a time (Valet & Security Applicants).
                    • Able to work outdoors in all weather conditions (Valet & Security Applicants).
                    • Must be willing to work a flexible schedule including weekends consistent with the needs of the business.
                    • Overnight shifts also available.

                    Please fill in the application below TXC Application Form.

                    Call : 214-369-8887

                    222 Municipal Drive
                    Richardson, TX

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